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Monitoring and Evaluation Surveys and forms

Monitoring and Evaluation Survey

The Forms module can be used to manage any data that would be otherwise managed using Excel files. It can be useful for monitoring and evaluation forms, longitudinal datasets, surveys, success stories, beneficiaries, trainings, etc. Once a form is published, records can be added to it in various ways: directly in the LogAlto web app (by the creator of the form or his/her colleagues), by sharing a link to non-users, by importing data (Excel) or using the mobile app for offline data collection.

Key features:

  • Intuitive form design interface
  • Ability to link multiple forms together
  • Record page
  • Ability to update indicators based on collected data
  • Ability to translate the form (+ multi-lingual forms)
  • Ability to share the form with other users (or send URL to non-users)
  • Ability to import records (Excel file)
  • Mobile app for offline data collection
  • Aggregation and visualization tools

Intuitive form design interface

The Forms module allows users to create monitoring and evaluation forms, data tables or surveys using a simple drag-and-drop interface. A form can be composed of various types of fields (Text, dropdown list, yes/no, number, date, file geo. coordinates, location, project, activity, etc.).

Each field can be configured in more details, to specify for instance:

confidential icon

If the field is confidential

Or can be viewed by anyone who has access to the form

important icon

If it is mandatory

Or can be left blank (optional)

workflow icon

If it is conditional

(skip pattern depending on the value of a previous field)

multiple lines icon

Text length

Text fields could have multiple lines (or single line)

numerical condition icon

Min and max values

Numbers could have a minimum or maximum values

calendar icon

Allowed dates

Dates could only allow dates in the future

settings icon


And many other parameters

monitoring and evaluation form

Link forms together

Forms can be linked to one another: This allows to navigate easily between records in different monitoring and evaluation forms, data tables or surveys. For instance, you could link the “beneficiary” form to “success stories” form, the “training attendees form” and the “end-line survey”.

m&e forms

Record page

The record page displays the record’s information (fields) as well as other records (from other forms) linked to this record. From this page, you can edit, print-out, review (validate) or comment on the record.

ngo beneficiaries database

Automatic calculation of indicators values based on collected data

Data collected in monitoring and evaluation forms or surveys through LogAlto’s Forms module can be used to calculate or measure (update) the indicator's value based on the data collected (records added to the form). As such, it will reduce the risk of calculation errors and simplify the data entry process.

indicator data collection form

Translation (or multi-lingual form)

Monitoring and evaluation forms, data tables or surveys designed in LogAlto’s forms module can be translated (by the creator of the form) into any language. Once the form is translated, the person entering data (or consulting records) will be able to select the preferred language and see the field labels, dropdown lists options, etc. in the selected language.

multilingual forms and surveys

Sharing access to a form with other users (or send link to non-users)

The designer of the monitoring and evaluation form, data table or survey can share the form with other LogAlto users by selecting specific users, projects, countries (org. units) or profiles that will have access to it. The user can give different access rights to each user/project/profile and specify whether or not they will see confidential fields.

Users can also share access to the forms or monitoring and evaluation surveys by creating a link that can be sent by email (the recipients will be able to fill the form without connecting to LogAlto). This is useful if the records are added by colleagues, partners or beneficiaries who are not LogAlto users.

Data collection access rights

Import data from Excel

Records can be imported from an Excel file to your monitoring and evaluation forms, data tables or surveys. This can be useful if data needs to be imported from a 3rd party software or if a user needs to work offline but cannot use the mobile app (or simply prefers Excel).

Mobile app for data collection

The LogAlto mobile app is especially useful for monitoring and evaluation surveys and for data collection on the field. It allows to collect data on Android phones or tablets. It works exclusively with LogAlto’s forms module. It can be used offline and it will sync data back to LogAlto when an internet connection is detected.

Mobile app for survey data collection

Data aggregation and visualization

You don’t need a 3rd party software to pull out useful information from your monitoring and evaluation forms, surveys and data tables. LogAlto’s Analytics module allows you to analyze and aggregate m&e forms data and to create charts, tables or maps.

survey data visualisation

Keep existing data or import from existing data sources

If your organization already uses a monitoring and evaluation forms software, our team can help you transition from your old m&e forms tool to LogAlto by importing existing data.

Data import and data transfer

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