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Collaborative Web-Based Software for Monitoring and Evaluation of International Development Projects


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LogAlto M&E system for NGOs and nonprofits

Engage your staff and stakeholders in collecting valuable data. With LogAlto, teams will spend less time organizing data, and more time analyzing and evaluating!

M&E revolution

User friendly

Simplify the way you monitor and evaluate your projects with a simple, elegant, user friendly M&E system.

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100% secure

M&E systems often contain sensitive information. Don’t worry, LogAlto is 100% secure. Encryption, backups, firewalls, best practices applied.


With our web application or mobile app, you can log in from the office, the field or anywhere in the world. 



Improve collaboration at all levels of the organization: LogAlto is a M&E system for the entire organization, from projects to country offices or divisions, to HQ.

Highly Flexible

Some want to keep it simple, and others prefer a more complete monitoring and evaluation system. Either way, LogAlto offers plans for large and small M&E systems.

Quickly up-and-running

If you need a M&E system quickly put in place your LogAlto platform can be up and running in 3-4 weeks.

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For large and small organizations

There are many monitoring and evaluation systems available on the market, it is just a matter of finding the one that will suit your NGO or nonprofit the best. 

LogAlto is generally a great fit for international NGOs (INGOs) implementing projects in different countries in collaboration with various partners and funded by multiple donors.  With LogAlto as your M&E system, your INGO will be able to track its progress, measure its impact, monitor, and report on all its projects.

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LogAlto is a Collaborative Web-Based monitoring and evaluation system for international NGOs and nonprofits. With LogAlto, seamlessly create logframes, measure results, track your progress, report on your projects and collect reliable data.

Every monitoring and evaluation system should have at least indicators tracking and data collection features. But LogAlto in not “any” m&e system.  LogAlto offers various features that your organization needs to:

  • Improve transparency and accountability
  • Improve mechanisms used for impact reporting
  • Allow to take into account cross-cutting issues (like gender, environment)
  • Allow to track project indicators independently and to aggregate selected indicators into the programme results framework
  • Deliver efficiency gains for project and knowledge management
  • Allow to identify weaknesses, manage lessons learned and success stories
  • Provide the ability to work collaboratively…and more!

Dashboards and data visualization

With LogAlto’s dashboard visualizations you always have relevant information ready at hand right when you log into your M&E system, making evidence-based decisions, project management and evaluation much easier.

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Training and support

The implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system does not end at its launch. In fact, the biggest challenges usually come a few months after M&E system is launched, when new projects and new users are onboarding, and need to learn how to use the M&E system.

That’s why the LogAlto team has put in place various tools to help users onboarding:



In-person or online private trainings

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Detailed articles on our Help Center

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Knowledge center in English, French and Spanish

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Free helpdesk support to all users in English, French and Spanish

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Admin support

Support to your LogAlto administrator

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Solutions for NGOs and nonprofits

You are looking for a M&E system that can help you find collaborative solutions to make your organization more efficient and organized? LogAlto offers a wide range of solutions to a wide range of issues related to nonprofit and NGO data management.

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