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Project M&E tools

A well-planned project monitoring and evaluation strategy allow organizations to get useful and meaningful information that help them learn, adapt and improve. That is why International NGOs and nonprofits are increasingly working on improving their project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes and tools. More specifically, organizations are realizing that web-based information technology can significantly help them measure and report results data across their diverse project portfolio.

If your organization is looking for a project monitoring and evaluation software, LogAlto can help you finally organize your projects’ data. LogAlto offers you the ability to manage data from projects across the globe and implemented by various partners in a centralized and standardized manner.

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Features that will help you improve project monitoring and evaluation

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Project Portfolio Management

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Project data collection (forms module)

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Project logframe or result framework (Logframe module)

Data visualization (Analytics module)

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Project dashboards (Dashboard module)

Project planning and reporting

Project finance (budget vs expenditures)

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Project activity workplan

Document (files) sharing

Collaboration (comments features)

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Transitioning from paper-based project monitoring and evaluation to web-based M&E

Our team can help your organization through this transition from manual processes of project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) to a web-based project M&E tool with collaborative forms, reliable data, insightful analytics, real-time reporting, and evidence-based decision making.

We know the process of finding the right project monitoring and evaluation software that will fit your specific needs can be hard. There are a lot of tools to choose from, each one with their own strengths and weaknesses. So, the first step for us is always to do a first meeting with potential clients to see if LogAlto is a good fit for them. 


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Once you decide to use LogAlto for your project monitoring and evaluation, our team works closely with your organization to understand its context, challenges and needs. 

Transitioning from paper-based project monitoring and evaluation to web-based M&E may seem overwhelming at first and it can be difficult to figure out how Excel files and word documents can be standardized and transformed into web interfaces and forms. The good news is that our team has dealt with many organizations that have encountered the same problems and we are used to find innovative ways to manipulate, merge, clean, import or organize data.

Once all the data management needs have been discussed and analyzed, LogAlto is fully configured and prepared to become the perfect project monitoring and evaluation tool for your organization.

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How we can support you once your project monitoring and evaluation software is launched

The implementation and launch of the project monitoring and evaluation software is actually the easy part. The onboarding of projects and new users requires more planning and guidance. That’s why the LogAlto team has put in place various tools to help user adoption:



In-person or online private trainings

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Personalized user guides

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Knowledge center in English, French and Spanish

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Free helpdesk support to all users in English, French and Spanish

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Admin support

Support to your LogAlto administrator

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