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Monitoring and Evaluation Tools & Software

Monitoring and Evaluation Tool & Software

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Benefits of a monitoring and Evaluation Software

Every monitoring and evaluation tool should have at least indicators tracking and data collection features. But LogAlto in not “any” M&E tool.  LogAlto offers various features that your organization needs to:

  • Improve transparency and accountability
  • Improve mechanisms used for impact reporting
  • Allow to take into account cross-cutting issues (e.g. gender, environment)
  • Allow to track project indicators independently and to aggregate selected indicators into the program results framework
  • Deliver efficiency gains for project and knowledge management
  • Allow to identify weaknesses, manage lessons learned and success stories
  • Provide the ability to work collaboratively…and more!

Main features

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Project portfolio

Not all monitoring and evaluation tools fit multi-projects organization. With LogAlto, you can manage projects implemented by various organizations in different locations and aggregate data from the project level to the regional or global level.

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Data collection

Some monitoring and evaluation tools allow to import data from another data collection app. This is feasible in LogAlto – with some integration work. However, LogAlto also allows you to design forms and surveys that can be shared with colleagues, partners or beneficiaries. Data can be collected directly in the LogAlto web app, via a web form (shared URL), or using the mobile app.

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Logframe (result framework) and indicators tracking

With LogAlto, each project can enter their own logframe and a global level logframe can include indicators that are the same across projects (for comparison and aggregation purposes). Link indicators to forms to allow LogAlto to calculate your indicators’ values based on collected data. This makes it a monitoring and evaluation tool for the entire organization, from projects, to country offices, to HQ.



Monitor the progress of activities and sub activities with milestones and Gantt chart.


Data analysis

Analyze and visualize data by producing configurable tables, charts and maps that can be placed on a dashboard (user dashboard, project dashboard or global dashboard).


Comments and files

Upload files attached to projects, activities, form records, indicators or progress reports. The comment feature is just one of the many features that makes LogAlto a collaborative monitoring and evaluation tool. Add comments related to activities, form records, indicators or progress reports and tag your colleagues to facilitate collaboration.

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Reporting and workflows

(LogAlto+ plan only): If you want your monitoring and evaluation tool to also cover reporting and approval workflows, our LogAlto+ plan is the ideal solution. It enables the reporting module which allows to manage quarterly or annual progress reports and customize the workflow of approval.

access rights

Access rights

Multi-projects organization also generally require a monitoring and evaluation tool that will allow to configure different users roles or profiles and offer flexible access rights. Some users could be involved at different levels of the organization and therefore require different access rights. With LogAlto, you can configure various user profiles and assign different access rights to each one. LogAlto even allows to combine profiles with organizational units (like divisions or country offices) and projects to give even more flexibility in the way access rights are managed.


International NGOs often implement projects in countries where local staff may not be proficient in English. Therefore, INGOs are generally looking for a monitoring and evaluation tool that is multi-lingual.  LogAlto is available in various languages (users can select their preferred language). Forms used for data collection can be translated into any language (by the user). We also offer helpdesk support in English, French and Spanish.


Configurable and flexible

All organizations have their specificities, and a good monitoring and evaluation tool must be flexible enough to be adapted to fit the organization’s context. Since it is flexible and easily configurable to fit your organization’s needs, LogAlto offers the advantages of a customized M&E software, without the possible down sides (such as delays, over costs or missing features due to budget restrictions). Our team takes care of configuring your LogAlto M&E tool before its launch and your LogAlto administrator can change these settings post-launch.

collaboration and configuration


LogAlto has a very well documented knowledge base available at that will help your users master their M&E software. The Help Center and helpdesk service are free and available to all users.

technical support

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Request a demo to learn more about how LogAlto can help your organization improve its m&e processes and data management.


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