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Data collection tools for nonprofits and NGOs

A well planned M&E data collection strategy and well designed data collection tools allow organizations to get useful and meaningful information, to help them learn, adapt and improve. 

Spreadsheets are not the ideal data collection tool

Many nonprofits depend on pen and paper tools combined with spreadsheet applications like Excel or Google Spreadsheet to manage their data. While this have the advantage of being familiar and somewhat easy to set up, they also have serious limitations.

Spreadsheets contain data but are not data collection tools, as such require extra steps to store data.

Without robust data management, organizations create data islands over a period, making it difficult to track data.

After every data collection activity, someone must merge data and reapply formulas adding the risk of errors.

Risk of data loss when the file manager leaves.

Data collection tools and data management must work together to ensure that the data collected and information it produces are valid, reliable, precise, and timely.

By facilitating the creation of customized forms and data tables and having measures ensuring the validity of the data, LogAlto help nonprofits meet those standards by bringing together their data management and data collection tools.

The necessity of flexible data collection tools

Nonprofits and NGOs often work with multiple partners and must reach beneficiaries at the regional, national and global level. It is important that the organization’s tools are flexible enough to allow them to reach stakeholders and beneficiaries in various ways.

Offline data collection

With LogAlto, forms can be filled directly on the LogAlto web app, but also as online surveys or downloaded on a mobile device to allow offline data collection and online synchronizing of data.

 Survey and form design

LogAlto’s interface can help nonprofits create well-designed surveys with a mix of open-ended and closed-ended question.

Data integrity

Integrity of the information is safeguarded by defining who has access to the data collection tools and entered records.


Once this data is collected, it is already safely stored in the system. It can then be aggregated and linked directly to your logframe and analyzed through the Analytics module.

Quantitative or qualitative

More than forms and questionnaires, LogAlto offers nonprofit tools to collect qualitative data such as pictures or stories, as well as quantitative data through the configuration of data tables fit for most data collection needs.

Does your team struggle to design data collection tools?

Our team has a strong experience in data management for nonprofits and not only we can implement LogAlto to help you with your M&E data collection, but we can also advise you earlier in the process on how to design your various forms and surveys to ensure all these developed data collection tools are fit-for-purpose, and help you get useful and meaningful information.

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