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Data Visualization Tool and Software

Data Visualization Tool and Software

Some organizations may think they would need a separate data visualization software in addition to their M&E software. Fortunately, it is not the case with LogAlto! Our data visualization tool (Analytics module) allows you to analyze and aggregate data that was entered in LogAlto.


Key features of LogAlto’s data visualization tool:

  • Various visualizations (charts, tables, maps) to choose from
  • Aggregation and calculations
  • Tables, maps and charts can be configured
  • Tables, maps and charts can be exported to image or Excel
  • Tables, maps and charts can be shared with colleagues
  • Tables, maps and charts can be added to dashboards
  • Power BI integration

Use LogAlto’s data visualization tool to produce various charts, tables and maps

Various data visualizations can be created:

data table icon


  • Standard table (list of all the records)
  • Pivot table (matrix - allows to count and aggregate data)

global icon


  • Distribution map (to compare countries or regions)
  • Location map (to see the actual location of items)

icon data diagram


  • Pie chart 
  • Vertical bar chart
  • Horizontal bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Icon chart
  • Radar chart
  • Vertical stacked bar chart
  • Horizontal stacked bar chart

Data visualization tool

Pre-built data visualizations

Some modules include pre-built data visualizations. For instance, in the logframe module, you can produce charts to visualize the progress of your indicators. This feature is especially useful for users that have not a lot of experience with data visualization tools.

Data visualization software

Aggregation and calculations

Our data visualization tool can be used not only to analyze data related to your logframes – like indicator values – but also your project portfolio data, activities, progress reports or forms and surveys.

Calculations (sum, average, etc.) can be applied to numerical data, and categories (lists, genders, locations, projects) can be used as series and compared.

Any good data visualization software would be incomplete without the ability to aggregate data. LogAlto’s data visualization tool allows you to aggregate data on various levels. For instance, project data can be aggregated by sector, region, partner, etc. Indicator data or form records can be aggregated by gender, age group, etc.

data calculation and aggregation tool

Reports can be configured

LogAlto’s data visualization tool allows you to configure each report by specifying:

  • The calculated field
  • The calculation methods
  • The series and dimensions (aggregation, X axis, Y axis, series used for coloring)
  • Position of labels
  • Filters and more

Other useful features

data export icon

Export to image or Excel

Tables (grids) can be exported (downloaded) as Excel files and Charts can be exported as images. This is useful if you need the charts and tables created with the data visualization tool to be added to a word document.

dashboard icon

Share or add to dashboard

The charts and tables created with the data visualization tool can be shared with other LogAlto users and placed on dashboards (global dashboard, user dashboard or project dashboard).

software integration icon

Power BI integration

If LogAlto’s data visualization tool does not fit your needs, the Power BI integration allows you to aggregate and analyze data and create dashboards that can be embedded in LogAlto. It is also feasible to integrate LogAlto with another data visualization software.

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