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Logframe Software for Monitoring and Evaluation

Logframe Software for Monitoring and Evaluation

If your organization is looking for a logframe software, LogAlto can help you design and organize your logframes data in a collaborative, centralized and standardized manner.

Key features:

  • Intuitive design interface
  • Configurable wording, levels and fields
  • Multiple logframes: at project level, country office or division level, global level
  • Indicator library
  • Import and export tools
  • Aggregation and visualization tools
  • Many useful features that are presented in the Indicator tracking page

Intuitive interface

The logframe design interface allows to easily create items like goals, outcomes, outputs and indicators. The various items can be rearranged and re-ordered using drag-and-drop. Each level is color-coded, making it easier to read and navigate. You can display or hide information (metadata fields like “data source”, “collection method”, “risks”, etc.) depending on what is the most useful to you.

logframe software

Adapt your logframe software to your specific context

LogAlto allows you to choose what kind of information is relevant in your monitoring and evaluation frameworks. You can configure required data fields for each analytical level (ex: outcomes, outputs, indicators). If your organization’s needs change over time, don’t worry: the required fields can be modified even once the system is launched.

Some organizations may think they would need multiple logframe software because they have different types of monitoring and evaluation frameworks, with different wording and analytical levels. Fortunately, LogAlto allows you to configure the analytical levels and wording for each logframe. Instead of having Goals, Outcomes, Outputs, you could choose to have Objectives, Impacts and Results, or any other items on any number of levels. The vocabulary used is 100% customizable.

result framework software

A logframe software not only for projects, but for the entire organization

LogAlto allows you to manage monitoring and evaluation frameworks at various levels:

  • Global level (entire organization)
  • Country office, organizational unit or division level
  • Project level

Logframes at higher levels can contain “corporate” outcomes, outputs or indicators that can be added (mandatory or optional) to logframes at the project level. Doing so, indicators’ values at the project-level can be compared and aggregated at the higher levels.

If your organization only needs a logframe software to manage monitoring and evaluation frameworks at project level, please note that you don’t need to create global logframes in LogAlto, it is only optional.

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Indicator Library

LogAlto’s indicator library allows you to browse indicators by categories, sectors, tags or other criteria, and easily add them to logframes. The library is populated by your LogAlto administrator with indicators from various sources and standards, that are relevant for your organization. This feature is very useful for logframe design, especially for users that have not a lot of experience in designing M&E logframes or if the organization often implements very similar projects that could use similar indicators.

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Import and export

LogAlto offers tools to export your M&E logrames and to import from Excel. This is very useful, especially if you already have a logframe in Excel format or if you need to transfer data from another logframe software.

Data import tool

Data visualization

You don’t necessarily need a 3rd party software to pull out useful information from your logframe software. A good logframe software should allow you to analyze and visualize your data, or at least to export it so it can be analyzed in Excel or some other tool.

LogAlto’s Analytics module allows you to analyze and aggregate M&E logframes data in various ways:

aggregation icon

By project field

Any project field (project type, sector, donor, location, cross-cutting issues, type, etc.)

global icon

By location

State/district, country, region or globally

organization icon

By office or team

Organizational unit (division, country office, etc.)

gender disaggregation logframe

Keep existing data or import from existing data sources

If your organization already uses a logframe software, our team can help you transition from your old logframe software to LogAlto by importing existing data.

Data import and data transfer

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