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Mobile Data Collection Tools: App & Software

Mobile Data Collection Tools: App & Software for NGOs and nonprofits

Many NGOs and nonprofits still rely on a paper-based and/or spreadsheets to collect primary data about beneficiaries, infrastructure location or survey responses.  Getting data back from the field, compiling, analyzing and sharing it comes with many challenges and is very time consuming.

Compared to the traditional paper-based survey approach, a properly designed mobile data collection tool can help you save time, standardize responses, collect reliable information and produce ready-to-share and ready-to-analyze data. 

Also, collecting accurate data is important for maintaining transparency with donors and stakeholders. Having easy access to the records collected using the mobile data collection tool allows to demonstrate exactly where your indicator values and logframe data come from.

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Import data from your mobile data collection tool to LogAlto, or simply use the LogAlto mobile app!

There are many mobile data collection tools available on the market, it is just a matter of finding the one that will suit your NGO the best. Whatever tool you choose, if it gives you access to datasets in .csv or Excel format, then you will be able to use this data in LogAlto. But if your organization uses LogAlto, the simplest way to collect data is the LogAlto mobile data collection app.

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The LogAlto mobile data collection tool: how does it work?

The LogAlto mobile data collection app is an intuitive and versatile solution that allows you to collect data for surveys, longitudinal studies, attendance lists, impact stories, focus group interviews, etc.  

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Step 1: DESIGN

The first step is to design your forms or surveys. Our flexible form builder can be used to build forms tailored to fit your specific data collection needs without any technical experience required.

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Step 2: SHARE

Once the form is designed, you can translate it, publish it, and share it with other users (surveyors and enumerators).

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Partners, staff, surveyors or enumerators that have access to the form can install the LogAlto mobile data collection app on their Android device (smartphone or tablet) and start collecting data. The data captured in remote areas can be made available to office managers in real-time.

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Useful data collection features

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Collect data offline

The LogAlto mobile data collection tool can be used without an Internet or cell connection, which enables teams to collect data without internet connectivity. Data is stored locally and is automatically synced to your forms in LogAlto when connectivity is regained.

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Improve data quality

Our Forms module offers features like skip logic, maximum text length and maximum number values parameters that lead to better data quality and reduce the time required to clean data.

Photos & coordinates

You can easily take images from your device and document your location with detailed geo-tagging. Photos and latitude/longitude coordinates from records entered using the mobile data collection tool provide rich context and auditability.

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Aggregate & analyze

Once in LogAlto, data synced from the mobile app data collection tool can be analyzed and aggregated using the Analytics module, and it can be used to update the values of your indicators and measure your progress.

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Unlimited enumerators

Your forms can be shared with enumerators or surveyors who can then complete those forms using the mobile data collection software on smart phones, tablets. Unlike other users that have access to all modules, users of the mobile app (data collectors) are not counted in the number of users allowed in your license contract.

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The interface (login page, sync buttons, etc.) of the LogAlto mobile data collection tool can be displayed in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Indonesian. However, the forms and surveys can be translated into any language necessary.

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