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LogAlto offers  solutions to a wide range of issues related to nonprofit and NGO data management. It is generally acquired as a monitoring and evaluation software, but its features can make your organization more efficient, organized, inclusive and collaborative.

Monitoring and evaluation software for multi-projects international NGOs

There are many monitoring and evaluation software available on the market, it is just a matter of finding the one that will suit your NGO or nonprofit the best. 

LogAlto is generally a great fit for international NGOs (INGOs) implementing projects in different countries across the globe in collaboration with various partners and funded by multiple donors.

What our clients like the most about LogAlto:

  • Unlike some of the other monitoring and evaluation software on the market, it not only offers features to help with logframe design and indicators tracking, but it also has a strong data collection module.
  • It is regularly updated with new features
  • It is multi-lingual and available in various languages
  • Our team offers free helpdesk support to all users
  • Our account managers offers support to M&E staff in charge of the administration of the m&e software

Solutions at project-level AND global level

Each project can enter their own logframe, and global-level logframes can include indicators that are the same across many projects (for comparison and aggregation purposes). This makes LogAlto a monitoring and evaluation software for the entire organization, from projects, to country offices or divisions, to HQ.

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Solutions to improve accountability and transparency

Collecting accurate data is important for maintaining transparency with donors and stakeholders. Having easy access to data in the monitoring and evaluation software allows to demonstrate exactly where your indicators values and logframe data comes from. And in forms and surveys, rich context fields like photos improve auditability.

Monitoring and evaluation software

Solutions to improve efficiency and data quality

Many NGOs and nonprofits still don’t have a monitoring and evaluation software and rely on a paper-based and/or spreasheets for data management and m&e.  Sharing reports and data from the field, compiling, analyzing and publishing it comes with many challenges and is very time consuming.

A monitoring and evaluation software like LogAlto gives international NGOs solutions be more efficient, standardize data entry formats and standards, collect reliable information and produce ready-to-share and ready-to-analyse data. 

data quality and efficiency

Solutions to simplify collaboration across the globe

There are many features that makes LogAlto a collaborative monitoring and evaluation software and allow your organization to improve collaboration with staff and partners across the globe. For instance:

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Users can comments on activities, form records, indicators or progress reports and tag colleagues.

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Users speaking different language can easily use LogAlto.

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Validation and workflows

Planning documents, progress reports and form records can be validated.

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Flexible access rights

Different users roles or profiles can be configured. You can even combine profiles with organizational units (like divisions or country offices) and projects to give even more flexibility in the way access rights are managed.

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Solutions to increase learning and knowledge sharing

Many organization now prefer to use the MEL acronym (Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning) rather than the M&E acronym and international NGOs are increasingly looking for a monitoring and evaluation software that can offer solutions for learning and knowledge sharing. With LogAlto, knowledge sharing and learning is improved through the Files feature and the Forms module (which can be used in many ways, including for sharing best practices, lessons learned and impact stories).

collaboration and configuration

Solutions to help you transfer existing data

If your organization is already using another monitoring and evaluation software, our team can help you transition from your previous m&e software to LogAlto by importing existing data.

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