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Collect your Data

Custom forms

Looking for a centralized and secure feature to manage and store impact stories, beneficiaries, partners, trainings, workshops, files, contacts, construction works, etc.?

The Custom forms module allows you to easily craft your own forms and databases using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Sharing options

Keep your form private, share it with colleagues or make it avalaible to all users


Select fields which dataset can only be seen by users with the granted access.

Link Forms

Link two forms together to be able to track and manage data easier and create great analytics for evaluation.

Application Mobile

Collecter vos données via l'application mobile disponible sur Android 4.2 (+)

L'application mobile vous permet de collecter des données sur le terrain. Les utilisateurs peuvent remplir des formulaires et effectuer des enquêtes qui sont ensuite synchronisées à la plateforme LogAlto.


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