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Whatever the name of your M&E tool is: performance
management table, result matrix, logical framework, etc., the logframe module can be adapted to your organization.

Multiple logframes

If your organization manages multiple projects, each project can configure its own logframe. At HQ/global level, users can create a “global” logframe and link some of its indicators to project indicators.


Instead of having Goals, Outcomes, Outputs, you could choose to have Objectives, Impacts and Results, or any other items on any number of levels. The vocabulary used is 100% customizable.

Global Indicators

The global logframe can also be automatically updated based on values of indicators at the project level.

Logframe Design

Use the easy drag-and-drop system to rearrange levels and order as you design your project logframe. 

Logical framework


LogAlto’s indicator form allows you to create different types of indicators.


Seamlessly create your own disaggregation categories. Track disaggregated data in a simple table and get on-the go impact rates.

Qualitative indicators

You can create qualitative indicators by specifying a scale (very low, low, high…) or by specifying milestones.

Easy Tracking

Collaboratively add actual values on daily and share live reports of your implementation.

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