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Custom forms

Looking for a centralized and secure feature to manage and store impact stories, beneficiaries, partners, trainings, workshops, files, contacts, construction works, etc.?

The Custom forms module allows you to easily craft your own forms and databases using a simple drag-and-drop interface

Skip Pattern

Add conditional questions to your field survey with our skip pattern feature.


Select fields which dataset can only be seen by users with the granted access.

Link Forms

Link two forms together to be able to track and manage data easier and create great analytics for evaluation.

monitoring and evaluation form

Mobile Application

Collect data using our mobile application available on Android 4.2 (+)

The mobile application allows you to collect data on the field. Users can complete surveys and share forms. 

Simple Technology

Few technological requirements

Offline Mode

Synchronisation available

Available on Google Play

Download the mobile application on Google Play

More Features Available!

We add new features in LogAlto every month. Check out these features also available in the Form module:

Multilingual Forms

Create different versions of the same survey

Share Dataset to Groups

Choose if you want a group of users, country staff, specific user profile to access your dataset in Forms.

Advanced Skip Pattern

You can now add specific conditions to Geo, File and Links field. 

project monitoring and evaluation software

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