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LogAlto Overview

Manage your project

Manage your project progress and collect valuable data as you go

Monitor your performance

Design logframes and configure indicators

Manage your Data

Upload and organize your data or collect your data by linking it to a project (beneficiary, case study, etc.)

Export-Import your Data

Quickly import your actual data for a successful implementation.

Visualize your Data

Create your own reports (tables, charts, maps) and access live reports

Mobile Application

Collect data using our mobile application available on Android 4.2 (+)

Multilingual Platform

LogAlto is available in French, English, Arabic and/or Spanish.

 Adapted to your context

The Out-of-the-Box includes a basic configuration of LogAlto. The Configured and LogAlto+ plans offer advanced configurations such as : 

  • Branding adjustments
  • Configuration of the default reports
  • Configuration of user profiles and workflows
  • Configuration of necessary fields for project forms, activity forms, outcome or output forms, indicator forms, and so on
  • Configuration of planning and reporting document
  •  Configuration of drop-down lists, Map reports, disaggregation methods required (dimensions/categorizations), etc

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