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Feature | LogAlto joined the Mobile Era

November 03, 2017


LogAlto is all tooled up! Users can now collect data through the new Mobile Application .

You can now download our Android app on Google Play and start collecting form records (for questionnaires, surveys) on the field!

About the mobile app

The mobile app focuses on data collection. It does not offer all the features available in LogAlto, but mainly allows to collect form records. Data collection can be done online or offline. Photos or files can be uploaded from the device’s library and coordinates can also be auto-filled using the device’s GPS.

Devices and OS

The mobile app currently works only on Android tablets but is being adapted for Android phones as well. The Tablet app is already available on Google Play and the Phone app will be available in January 2018.


The app works on all Android devices but is optimized for (and tested on) Galaxy 8 Android tablets and Samsung S7 phones.


Offline data collection:

Users can:

  • 1-Sync forms (gets all their forms from LogAlto’s web app),
  • 2-Go offline and collect records,
  • 3-Mark the completed records as “ready to sync”,
  • 4-Sync records once they have a connection.


Language : The user is able to select his language (French, English, Spanish or Arabic).


Data export: In January 2018, users will be able to export data collected on the app (.csv format).


Link to our Mobile app brochure: here

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