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Measure your Impact with a Collaborative Tool

April 07, 2017


Are you a development professional working for an NGO? You could spend less time running after reports, and more time improving the project design to achieve better impact.

Excel dashboards and sharepoint folders are great tools to get your teams started on measuring their impact. Yet, they don’t allow collaborative monitoring and evaluation. Project teams are struggling on communicating efficiently on their day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, live data has become a prerequisite for funders offering project grants. It’s time to move on to the next generation of #ICT4impact tools!

Offering the right tool means your teammates can share their successes (and failures) faster and in an organized matter, and make agile improvements to the way they work in a seamless, collaborative, transparent, sustainable and intuitive way.

LogAlto can help strengthen a results-focused approach. Join this webinar for more information on a Management Information System (MIS) specifically design for the international development context.

LogAlto can increase the capacity of NGOs, foundations and development projects in data collection, reporting, data visualization, M&E, result framework design and knowledge management in a collaborative way. Take a tour!

During this presentation, we will go through the various modules offered by LogAlto:
1) project portfolio
2) activity management
3) logframe/result framework
4) planning and reporting processes and validation workflows
5) forms
6) data visualization tool
7) customizable dashboard

To register to the “LogAlto—Measure your Impact #ICT4impact” webinar, click the link below:  

—May 2nd at 1 pm (timezone: EST)

Join us on April, 25th 2017 in Dallas for an in-person demo. For more information click on the following link:


Join us May, 11th 2017 in Ottawa for an in-person demo. For more information click on the following link:

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