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Features overview

Beyond Numbers

With LogAlto, seamlessly create logframes and performance management plans, measure results, monitor indicators, manage projects, and improve the planning and reporting process.

Manage your project

Manage your project's information and track activities

Measure your Impact

Design logframes and configure indicators

Collect your Data

Upload files and collect valuable data related to your project (impact stories, beneficiaries, etc.)

Vizualize your Data

Create tables, charts and maps, and customize your dashboard

 Adapted to your context

The subscription fee includes the configuration of your platform.

  • Branding adjustments
  • Configuration of the default report and data vizualisation
  • Configuration of user profiles and validation workflows
  • Configuration of necessary fields for project forms, activity forms, outcome or output forms, indicator forms, and so on
  • Configuration of planning and reporting document templates
  •  Configuration of drop-down lists, Map reports, disaggregation methods required (dimensions/categorizations), etc

Customized solution

Need more features or customization? No problem!

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