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Frequently asked questions : features

My organization manages only one project? Is this a right solution for us?

Absolutely! The website presents the “multi-projects version” of LogAlto to cover all the features it has to offer, but LogAlto can also be used as a “single project” system. 

Some users (example : a donor or president) would not be trained on the system but should have a simple dashboard available to them. Does LogAlto allow that?

Of course!  You could configure their dashboard and give them access to LogAlto. Then, they will be free to  consult the dashboard with reports and data vizualisations crafted for them through the Analytics module 

Can we access the software by mobile phone? Or tablet?

Yes. The mobile app (for custom forms) is optimized on Androids (Galaxy 8 Tablet). LogAlto is customized for a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Improvements are ongoing.

Can it be used with no internet connection? Is there an offline mode?

LogAlto allows two offline options:

1- Users can enter data offline of indicators and forms (Custom forms) using excel templates. Users can generate an excel template and complete the file with actual values. Then, sync the data to LogAlto, once a connection is available.

2- Also, the mobile app can be used offline. Users can sync the data to LogAlto, once a connection is available. The mobile app allows to collect and sync data in forms only (Custom Forms).

Can it import or export data to/from another database or software?

Yes. Data can be exported via the Analytics module in Excel.

To automatically export or import data from another software, LogAlto has an API key available to clients. If necessary, we also offer advanced integration (additional fee).

Frequently asked questions : technical aspects

What are the security measures?


  • Inputted data is encrypted using SSL/TLS certificates (HTTPS).
  • Data is backed up each day. Whenever backup files are transmitted outside our server infrastructure, it is encrypted using GPG.
  • Firewalls protect the servers which are monitored to prevent and protect from external intrusions.
  • Infrastructure and operating systems are regularly updated with the latest security patches and following best practices.

What are the technologies behind LogAlto?

LogAlto is Based on the latest open-source technologies

  • Main Programming languages: PHP, Javascript, HTML
  • Development frameworks and application frameworks: Ext JS 5, Doctrine 2, Symfony 2
  • DBMS (database management system): MySQL 5
  • Server: Linux Ubuntu + Apache
  • Also (other languages and tools used by our developers): CSS 3, Sass, Json, XML, SVG, RESTful Web Services, OAuth2, GitHub, Jira, Travis CI, PHPUnit

Is it mandatory to include hosting? Can we host on our own server?

Hosting is preferred for all of our subscription plans.

If you wish to host LogAlto in your own servers, you would need to purchase the perpetual licence. 


Is it compatible with any OS or any browser?

LogAlto is compatible with all the operating systems. It also works on various browsers : Chrome (v.47 and +), Firefox (v.42 and +), IE (v.11 and +), Safari (v.8 and +).

Can our IT staff access the code to customize it and develop new features?

LogAlto is based on open source technologies but is not necessarily an open source software itself.

If you are an IT company or M&E consultancy firm that wishes to implement LogAlto as an M&E solution we offer our services as sub-contractors.

Do you do backups?

Backups are done daily and are stored for as long as required (by default, we keep them for 30 days).

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